Strapping band

To strap your products, we not only provide the machines, but can also supply the strapping (also known as strapping material, straps, packing strap or bundle strap) that fit your needs and the machine. We supply in excess of 50 types of strapping, only the best quality. The strapping  or in a dispenser when using a hand strapping tool. Orders are possible from just 2 rolls to several pallets. To choose the best type of strapping for your applications and machine, we can offer you free custom advice. Within plastic/synthetic/polymer strapping we can differentiate between polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET) strap.

Polypropyleen (PP)

Polypropylene strap can be supplied from narrow to wide, ranging from approximately 5mm to 19mm. The decision on which size is best, depends on the application that it will be used for. An advantage of PP-strap is that it is suitable for a large array of applications and industries, for example the distribution sector, but the foodstuff and meat-processing industries as well. The narrow strap is better suited for lighter products, as used in the graphical and mailing sectors. The wider strap on the other hand is a bit tougher and therefore well suited for the distribution and also for securing flower boxes or use in warehouses. PP-strap is supplied in white or black as standard, but can also be in different colours and even printed strap is possible. The latter only goes for straps in a width of 9mm to 19mm.

Polyester (PET)

Contrary to polypropylene strap, polyester strap can only be supplied in middle wide to wide, approximately 9mm to 19mm. And of course: which size is best depends on the specific application and needs. PET-strap is even tougher than PP-strap, which is why it can be used to secure boxes or in distribution, but also makes it a good option for heavier applications where a limited amount of stretch is a must, like in strapping heavy duty or construction materials and transport pallets, and in the corrugated industry. This also makes it a good alternative for steel strapping. It is also much safer to cut loose than steel strapping. PET-strap is supplied in green as standard, but transparent or black are also available.