Mactech Packaging Systems, in its current form, was started in January 1997, but the foundation has been laid in 1982. Over the years we have developed a diverse clientele and a healthy reputation. We have been able to do this because customer service has always been and still is paramount to us.


These are all the same words for the same action of securing a product or shipment for transport or transplacement. Offically this is called transportation packaging. This is the core activity of Mactech Packaging Systems B.V. We are specialised in the sale and maintenance of strapping and wrapping systems, and related consumables.
At the moment we are operating from two locations, with our headquarters in Hoofddorp and an annex in Wijchen (near Nijmegen). Both locations consist of a service department and a warehouse. So we are always able to attend to you in a timely manner.

Our Method

Our clientele is very diverse in both industry and size. This is where our challenge arises: getting the right machine in the right location. Not every company, or even department, requires a high tech machine; sometimes we can even supply a good second hand machine that is perfect for the job at hand. Other clients have special demands, the possibility to process packages of different dimensions for example. This is where we consult with customer and producer to see which options are available and which adjustments can be made.
No matter how high or low tech the machine, we care about functionality, the right machine for the right customer.