OMS Type 0875

The OMS Type 0875 might be for you if you’re looking for a machine that is able to vertically strap large packets or pallets. This machine is also mainly placed in fully automatic lines. Just like the OMS Type 06 the arch size of this machine can be adjusted as desired. And with this machine, speed and reliability are delivered as well through high strap feed speed, high strap tensioning speed and exact strap positioning. For this machine several special options are available, amongst which a pallet lance and a moveable strapping head. The machine is also available in different versions and therefore adjustable to your situation and wishes. This makes the OMS Type 0875 very suitable to a lot of diverse companies. For more information you can contact us here.

NB: one has to take into account the necessary safety provisions, for example railing and walk-in security.

  • Arch size (WxH in mm): dependent on your wishes
  • Strap width: dependent on your wishes
  • Capacity: up to 30 strappings per minute, up to 720 packages per hour
  • Power supply: 400V/3 phases