The TP-601 strapping machine is also available in a roller-driven version as well as a belt-driven version. The TP-601 is simple in its execution, but more advanced than the semi-automatic  machines. An automatic strap feeder and electronically adjustable strap tensioning make this machine suitable for a number of different companies. For strapping for example boxes with flowers or other contents, this machine is a very good solution. A press bar is available as an option and can firmly press down packets during strapping.

OR-T2 250

This battery-driven manual tool is appropriate for general applications. All your products can be strapped with this machine, despite their size. The tool can be used in a fully or semi-automatic mode. With one button the product is strapped, the strap is welded and cut off. For strapping fragile goods there is a special soft-setting. Optionally available are amongst other things the possibility for an electrical power supply and a protection plate. If you would like more information, about this product or one of our other machines, please contact us here. 


This successor to the TP-701 is even faster than its predecessor. Moreover, this machine requires less adjustment and maintenance. It contains a panel with which the strap tension can be set electronically. De TP-702 is also very user-friendly because of a built-in foot-bar, automatic strap feeder and adjustable table height. This machine is very well suited for strapping for example mailings and graphical products, but also boxes. It’s a very good choice for all strapping where speed is required. Besides that, this machine comes in a roller-driven version and a belt-driven version.


The TP-701 machine is very well suited for the strapping of large amounts of bundles. The TP-701 is able to do single as well as double strapping. The touch-screen and the adjustable table height contribute to the ease of use of this machine. Besides that, it contains a waist-high auto strap feeder and automatically straightens packages before strapping. All in all, this is a very user-friendly, complete and reliable solution for - amongst others - the graphical industry.