Semi automatic

Platform foil wrapper

Mactech does not only supply strapping machines, but also foil wrapping machines. With this machine, the carts or pallets are driven onto a plateau. The plateau then starts rotating whilst the products are wrapped in stretch foil from the bottom upwards. A sensor then signals when the top has been reached, so stacks of different heights and widths can automatically be wrapped one after another. The transparent foil is stretchable and forms a close seal around the stack. Because of this tight wrap, carts or pallets containing multiple packets can be safely transported.


If you’re looking for a machine that can strap products of different sizes, the TP-502 might be the thing for you. This semi-automatic strapping machine is simple in use and very quiet. Also, the table is adjustable in height. Because of its flexibility the TP-502 is at home in a great number of companies, especially with simple applications like warehouse applications: strapping small boxes, sheet metal, etc. Would you like more information on this machine or about other options, then please contact us via the contact form.