Service as Key Competence
Mactech Packaging Systems B.V. understands, like no other, the importance of minimising and possibly even completely preventing downtime in production processes, especially in fully automated production lines.
We are currently operating from two locations, with our headquarters in Hoofddorp and an annex in Wijchen (near Nijmegen). This means that we are always able to attend to a customer in a timely manner in case of an emergency or a brake down. But our service unit is not only focused on customers that have bought a machine with us or that are using a Mactech machine, we can also service other strapping/wrapping machines. Our experienced technicians are familiar with most applications in a wide field of industries.
Whether we are talking, Mactech, Transpak, Schneider-Ozga, Messersi, OMS, Signode, Mosca, Strapex, SMB, Cyklop, or any other brand of machine, our technicians know what to do.
As many companies are continually narrowing down their business to their core activities, technical departments are more and more outsourced. For these companies swift and sound service by a reliable partner is essential.
Energy Savings, New Solutions, Innovative Durable Projects
Mactech also joins in the quest for energy savings and/or streamlining current projects. We all know the sight of systems running endlessly whilst there is little or no production. Where possible, we program our machines to go in to “sleep mode” when this situation occurs, the machine “awakens” again when a new package enters the machine.
This engineering mind set, combined with the practical requirements of a client, often leads to interesting and innovative developments. For example: at one of our clients, we created a relatively affordable method to lock flowers in their boxes directly on the packing tables. Thus making rubber bands, wooden rails, and wood wool, obsolete, not to mention the time saved.